'ecoVIRGIN' Wild Crafted Organic Tea Tree Oil 

Australian Certified Wild Crafted Organic Tea Tree Oil.

Jenbrook Farm oil, classified Australian Native Wild Crafted Organic ” grown, harvested and distilled in its natural environment, elevates this unique oil beyond world organic standards.

This unique holding, scientifically identified by research analysts as part of the ecological birthplace of the botanical species Melaleuca alternifolia, dates back 36,000 plus years. The oldest mother tree living, estimated to be in excess of 1,000 years old resides in this historic wetland on Jenbrook Farm.

Scientists involved in ‘ Genetically Modified ’ species of this tree, cannot duplicate what grows naturally in this delicate but harsh environment. Careful harvest and gentle long term distillation methods ensure all compounds are extracted to a maximum level that comply with company specifications and standards set beyond International Standards.

101_0376_resized.jpgCenturies ago, Australia aborigines discovered the essential oil extracted from the leaves of the native botanical species (Melaleuca alternifolia) possessed tremendous healing properties for a wide variety of ailments. Unique to Australia, Tea Tree Melaleuca alternifolia Oil is now the most researched and scientifically proven antimicrobial agent used for the treatment of skin infection. However, this natural non-toxic antiseptic is safer to use than synthetic or petroleum based products.

Now, professional health providers around the world involved in natural therapy, recommend its use.


Results of various scientific studies have shown that Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) a universal antibacterial substance is generally twelve times stronger than petroleum (phenol) or similar synthetic based products.

One of the primary problems with today's antibiotics is the increasing resistance that infectious bacteria have developed, rendering them useless and a danger to mankind. Tea Tree Oil's complexity, with over a 100 identified natural compounds make it basically impossible for bacteria to build a resistance to.