Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




What is your Minimum Bulk Order Quantity?

How quickly can we expect to receive our shipment?
A: Providing we receive your order before 2pm (Pacific Standard Time) on a business day and it is in stock, it will usually leave our warehouse within 24 hours.

Will you always have oil available?
A: Yes providing we do not have a natural disaster.

Will a change in weather affect the quality of the TTO?
A: No as the Terpinen-4-ol has parameters and our oil is always well within these parameters.

How can you guarantee that your oil is 100% Pure Australian Oil?
A: When you purchase from Jenbrook Pty Ltd you are buying straight from our farms in Australia. You will receive a Certificate of Analysis that complies with the Australian Standards. We adhere to Australia's strict industry standard to ensure the quality and safety of all oil that is produced here in Australia.

What is the difference between ecoV and Wild Crafted Oils?
A: The criteria for ecoV ™ is Australian native Melaleuca alternifolia, true to species, grown and harvested in the Bungawalbyn Valley Basin and subject to long-term distillation to ensure all components in the oil are extracted to the highest level of purity. The natural biosphere of the Bungawalbyn Valley in northern NSW is the original place that Tea Trees evolved on the planet. Taking the trees out of the species birthplace creates a need for compensation in the form of extra fertilizers, insecticides and other treatments. A long-term distillation period ensures all compound in the oil are extracted to their maximum level  giving the consumer the WHOLE product. Short term distillation does not allow for all of the molecular compounds to be released and can skew an oil to show higher terpinen -4-ol, for example, while the other smaller yet important (healing) compounds in the oil may not even be extracted. 100% of anything means its 'whole' – not some or most of it. When we say 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil – we mean the oil is based on ALL of the oil components available in the foliage and extracted to their maximum level. We offer ecoV™ oil in the plantation, organic and Wild Crafted grades of oil. We also offer some planation that is not branded ecoV™ but is distilled for a longer than average time and grown in the Bungawalbyn Valley (our 'plantation' oil)
Our Wild Crafted TTO is oil is hand harvested from trees that grow naturally in the wild not planted in rows. Their leaves and branches are harvested with great skill and care, for the tree, so that their longevity continues. There is no foreign plant foliage in hand-harvested leaf.
Some of the trees on our property are thought to be up to 1,000 years old. We have thousands of Mother Trees across the properties. These trees are never harvested.

Will the Certificate of Analysis show the difference between your organic oil and your plantation oil?
A: It may or it may not. Whether oil is organic or non-organic won't matter in the Certificate of Analysis. It is more the conditions at the time of harvesting that can make a difference. Sometimes at different times of year you could see a slight difference, if it has been dry for a long time, or if we were to cut the trees when they were wet.

Does Tea Tree Oil have any adverse affect with SPF ingredients?
A: There are no reactions that we know of. Our Australian company uses it in SPF creams and lotions.